Saturday, 11 August 2007

Let's Start....

Finally, the time has come for me to start my own blog. As my first post, I figure I should probably mention a bit about myself so anyone reading this has a bit of a perspective of where I'm coming from. First off, I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. I always battle with any type of writing but I guess I can't hide from it forever.

After my MSc. in Advanced Distributed System from
Lancaster University, UK and enough of distributed compting with XML, WSDL and CORBA, I am back on track with my undergrad's craziness about Microsoft. By heart, I am a programmer for native language (C/C++) and supports open source development especially Apache Foundation but my skills are more on administration side (at least I believe so!!!!).

In this blog, my intention is to share some Windows Administration Tips & Tricks especially for core Windows, Active Directory and Exchange Server with some insinuation of programming language and debugging.